• Relationship Counseling

    Attend to Love!

    “Being the “best you can be” is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.”

    -- Sue Johnson, Creator of EFT for Couples

    "Out beyond Ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.

    I will meet you there."
    -- Rumi, Sufi Mystic and Poet

    "I find it to be as effective to work via video-conference as to meet in person. Often this is a great convenience. "

    -- Figs O'Sullivan, Founder of Empathi.com

  • Couples Counseling

    There is no getting away from it, no matter how hard we try. Love matters, relationship matters. In fact the more we try and protect ourselves from getting hurt in love the more likely we are to create the very circumstances that confirm our worst fears of what can happen in love.

    We are all wired to connect

    I specialize in relationship counseling for couples.  I have extensive training, and I continue to train, in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.


    Emotionally Focused Therapy is the leading method for helping couples better bond, love, comfort and nurture each other.  It is an evidence based approach that helps people become more connected to one another.

    It works!


    Short Term

    I imagine my goal is the same as yours - lets get you to a point you no longer need to see me, because you are feeling emotionally connected with each other, as soon as possible!

  • Relationship Counseling for Individuals

    Connecting with self and other is important for all of us. In fact it is so important that when we are struggling to find connection, or to stay connected, it hurts.

    Sharing helps

    We all need some support in these tough and vulnerable places. I am here for you when you most need to know you are not alone and to make sense of the system one gets in with a primary other when someone means a lot to us.

    Self Exploration

    I love working with people, in-person and online, who are on a voyage of self discovery, are curious about their own internal process. I want to support you in cultivating that curiosity. I strive to join you in guiding your process as a fellow wounded human being joining you as your equal not as the superior all knowing analyst who coldly sits blankly and uninvolved in the process. I lead with my humanness so you can feel safe to be all that you are in my presence.

    We are in this together!

  • Online Counseling

    Convenient & Effective


    Get help from anywhere

    I have been working over video conference with individuals and couples for several years now. I first started offering it because of how many requests I was receiving from busy professionals, parents and people who didn't live close to my office, yet they wanted the proven, effective and endorsed services I provide.

    Is telehealth right for you?

    Telehealth = Videoconferencing

    I see clients via videoconference for all the same presenting issues as I see clients in person. There are just a few different guidelines and factors to consider. Let's talk and explore is telehealth right for you! You may schedule a free consultation with me here.

  • About Teale Taxis

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    LMFT #100084


    “We live in the shelter of each other”

    --Celtic saying

    Meeting regularly with a psychotherapist can help add insight into patterns and narratives which may serve as obstacles to your sense of contentment and well being. Psychotherapy can facilitate greater self-acceptance as well as growing one’s capacity to experience greater joy.

    Born and raised on the island of Oahu, cultural sensitivity informs my therapeutic work and inspires me personally. I received my Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Community Mental Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Being of service to others is more than just a vocation for me, it is my passion.

    My areas of specialty include working with those who are experiencing relationship problems, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, grief, addiction, parenting challenges and feelings of social isolation. I have experience with children, individuals, seniors, couples, and in facilitating therapy groups.

    I value a collaborative therapeutic approach in order to help create a new sense of self-understanding and acceptance. As I receive further specialty training in different areas of my therapeutic interest I continue to grow and maintain a beginner's mind. In my free time, I’m an artist, cook, practice yoga and enjoy walking throughout San Francisco’s parks and beaches.


    For a Free Consultation or to Book a Session


    I will get back to you within 24 hours

  • Policies and Fees


    To schedule an initial appointment, you may contact me by telephone at +1 (415) 967-3447, by email at me@tealetaxis.com, or use my company's scheduler and ask specifically for me.

    Fees & Length of Sessions


    Please inquire about my current fees via phone or email.


    Sliding Scale

    Do not hesitate to reach out to me. If I can provide reduced fee services I will or I will help you find another qualified therapist.

    Payment Methods

    Credit card accepted.

    Cancelation Policy

    If you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment, you are required to provide 48 hour advance notice. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full session. That said if you have a cold or flu…please stay home and I will be more than happy to let the late cancelation fee slide!


    Legal and ethical responsibilities require that private sessions remain confidential. Therefore, no information will be released to another professional or agency without your written consent. Exceptions will be made only if you endanger, or may endanger, yourself or others, and/or in the case of child abuse or elder abuse. In these cases the law requires your therapist to share certain information with specific outside parties.

    Voice Mail/Emergencies

    I am available by telephone should a situation arise that cannot wait until your next scheduled appointment. In such cases, please leave a message on my voicemail indicating the nature of the situation, and I will return your call as soon as possible. If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call 911.